Dealing positively with failure

There is something about failure that makes us stretch our limits and realize our full potential. There’s something challenging about failure, which forces us to get back up, dust off the dirt and get going with a reinvigorated spirit. If you do a search on the net you’ll probably be flooded with a number of quotations and adages from some of the most famous people who have inspired the classes and masses over the years. But what matters is the will to implement and incorporate these thoughts and make them a part of your life so that you are able to rise above failure.

The most important thing that you need to do is to acknowledge that you have made a mistake (as in not been able to meet the expectations in terms of standards of performance). This would definitely help you in accepting the fact that it is “OK” to do something wrong as that only emphasizes on the fact that you are at least trying to do something. This, of course, is much better than not doing at all! So, if you have made a mistake, be happy about it and devise ways to accomplish the same task in a better way. This way you will find a better and more effective way of completing the task, that too without making the same mistake again. You must have heard the age old adage – losing a war is far better than not fighting it at all! It’s time to find the practical implications of this in your work life as well.

You need to take the right cues from the failure in order to avoid making the same errors again and say goodbye to shame as there is actually nothing to be ashamed of. It’s just a matter of failure, and that’s not a crime!

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