Dealing with Denials

Now here’s something that none of us likes to receive – a denial. What’s new about it? Well, did you know that there can actually be four different ways of saying the simple monosyllabic word ‘No’ and you also have different ways of tackling with these. For instance, if it is a hostile straightforward ‘No’ then you know that you aren’t quite left with much choice to give it another shot and start for a door-wards journey! In the same way when it comes to denial that isn’t quite as headstrong and has a tiny bit of an interest level coming from the prospective customer, you can be sure that there is still scope for them to contact you in the future. Well, these are just probabilities and you will not be able to understand this trend in a day’s time either. It happens with years of experience in dealing with cold calls.

If you are a professional who deals with the clients directly on a daily basis then this will definitely be of great use to you as you will be able to know in a clear manner as to how you should deal with the different kinds of ‘No’s. When it’s a direct hostile reply, don’t walk that way ever again and most importantly, forget about that person altogether. Remember there is always someone who will give you a positive rely and make your day!

When the ‘No’ includes something like ‘not sure’ then you know that this customer can still be considered for a second call sometime later, but be careful about not disturbing them soon with a call and spoiling your chances altogether. You can however make them a part of some scheme which is of course free of cost and will let them have a regular access to information about the organization (like an e-newsletter or something similar).

A ‘No’ can also be accompanied by a reference to someone else who may be interested in availing the service. In that case it is recommended that you definitely make that call as there may be good business waiting in that corner!

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