Dealing with the heady Boss

In school it is the math teacher who spreads the fright wave in the classroom. In the office it is the boss. Although not every boss is difficult to handle, most of them surely are. It is not the matter of question what makes the bosses act like they do. The million dollar question is how do you deal with these types of bosses and come out unscathed.

For the starter remember that nothing happens without a reason. Your boss is not your enemy. Therefore, if your boss does not like you there must be some valid reason for such behavior. You will have to ask yourself, why you are being singled out. Once you find the cause, rectify it.

If your boss really hates without any valid cause, you will have to deal with the situation wisely. Finding another job may seem like the easiest way out. However, there is no guarantee that you will not face the same situation all over again in the new company. Therefore stick around and face the reality. Learn to deal with the difficult situation. Make sure not to freak out each time your boss shouts at you. Control your temptation to yell back and hold your ground. You never know what perseverance can do for you.

Another way of dealing with the heady boss is to maintain the detachment. Do not take the insults personally and you will survive.

Stay composed when the storm hits the sea. Do not join in the debate session and make the matter worse. A yelling match will accomplish nothing. But that does not mean you should take it all without expressing your thoughts. Do so, but after the storm dies down.

Do not lose your sense of humor. It can be tough to smile when you are at the receiving end. Still try to find something funny about the situation and you will survive.

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