Do Academic Results decide careers?

Education Vs Qualification

Each human being is different. Thus each thought process is different. Definition of success differs too. What you call success may not look so from the others point of view. Similarly the tool of success varies in perception.

For a long time the importance of academic qualification has been questioned. Everyone wonders does having a degree really matter that much in life. Can mere words written on paper give you the ability to face challenges and overcome drawback? Can you reach the highest summit of career by just obtaining good grades? Let’s see!


It is true that to present a better profile and sharpened working capabilities you require high qualification. The higher your qualification level is the better your profile is. Current employers are fascinated by the idea of having highly qualified employees working under them.

Qualification ensures that you have the basic learning. If you study the subject you are good at, you have higher chances of gaining success in your life. Without professional guidance you will not be able to learn the basic mathematics or science. To obtain these you will have to go school or college.

Qualified citizens make a civilized nation and it is required that everyone should obtain basic qualification.

When you have the basic qualification, you have the stepping stone to start over. You have the road map and have a clear vision of where you want to go and which path to take.


Do not let your schooling interfere in your education – Mark Twain.

With just one line, the master story teller had said it all. This process of disciplined learning process portrays that life follows a determined path. That when you have the road map, you have your life outlined before yourself. Education of life starts after you step out of the college threshold. It is now that you realize the equal importance of real life education and text book knowledge. Both need to be there to take you through the tough road ahead.

Though you will come across various interesting facts about people who have made it big without much bookish education to back them up, why take a chance with your career? Henry Ford, Larry Ellison (the founder of Oracle), Larry Page (founder of Google), Michael Dell (founder of Dell), Steve Jobs, Richard Branson (founder of Virgin), Ralph Lauren, Jerry Yang (founder of Yahoo), Matt Mullenweg (founder of WordPress and last but not the least Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) – all have dropped out of colleges and do not have high qualification.

But don’t let all these facts lure you out of your classrooms! Rather, take inspiration from them and set out to attain your career objectives, confidently.

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