Dos and Don’ts of Interview Held via Video-Conferencing

Hiring process for jobs in India, these days is adapting newer trends and once such new practice of today is interviews being taken through video-conferencing. A video-conferencing interview is quite similar in nature to a normal personal interview, and cost and time effective as well. The interviewer-interviewee are face-to-face and and thus, interviewer can observe and read you answering questions, your body-language and other behavioral traits. And thus the theories and preparations applicable are to a personal interview work here as well.

And thus to take a hold on the video-conferencing thereby is very important and for that you need to take care of few points, listed below:-


  1. Being visible to your interviewer, follow all the guidelines and principles of a personal interview, from formal attire to body-language and eye contact, everything.
  2. Try a VC session in advance to get aware of the ambiance and thus, how to go about.
  3. Keep the technical expert at hand for help, if need be.
  4. The camera must be properly set and focused on the main chair, its advisable to get the settings done by the expert.
  5. Position the microphone such that the sound-quality would be clear and audible at the other end.
  6. Keep the micro phone mute when not speaking, to avoid disturbances and vice-versa.
  7. Light set-up must be adequate in the hall so that the you as well as surrounding is visible.
  8. Keep mobile phone switched-off not to disturb the signal and interview.
  9. Keep the needful remotes at a proper and accessible distance.
  10. And never forget that your visible and being watched, so do take care of the cleanliness of the surroundings.


  1. Do not disturb the camera setting, setting is done as per requirement.
  2. Do not take the micro-phone in hand or change its position.
  3. Do not entertain calls or other personal issues, while the interview is in process.
  4. Do not take things casual, it being a video conferencing, as you are well visible and so are all your activities.
  5. Do not switch-on your phone.
  6. Do not leave your seat while the interview is going-on.
  7. Do not put any extra load on the UPS being used for conferencing.
  8. Do not panic or get nervous, its just a normal interview, and instead of sitting face-to-face in body, your interviewers are there on the screen.

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