Dos and Don'ts of Switching Job

Job switch is a big decision having a long-lasting effect and could be a mile stone in your career. Leaving your existing niche and entering into a new unknown environment, involves a certain level of risk and yes does promises you opportunities. So once decided to make a move, you need to be very strategic and go in a planned manner. Following is a set of points to be taken care of while you switch your job:


  1. Identify the Reason. Switch your job for a valid reason, and thus focus at answering that reason.
  2. Identify your opportunities and growth scope based on your own set of skills and talents vs the market situation.
  3. Once decided to change, apply for jobs/profile that suits your aspiration and start preparing for interviews, collecting information/matter and giving relevant interviews.
  4. You can as well go in for an informational interview, or expert advice, this not only provides you remedies on present doubts but also earns you future reference or links.
  5. Work on getting and building yourself relevant network.
  6. If need be, go in for a short term course or training to exploit good opportunities. Even volunteering for organizations active in the field you desire provides you a rich experience platform, enhancing your worth.
  7. Identify and evaluate the risks involved and undertake a cost-benefit analysis.
  8. Keep some money pool in store to support you if, you take time getting an apt job.
  9. Get yourself a new and updated resume, complementing the job-profile.
  10. Resign gracefully and your detachment from your firm should be an informed decision. Dully finish all your formalities.


  1. Don’t be a chronic job switcher/ job-hopper, changing job too frequently.
  2. Don’t be reckless in your decision taken away in emotions, while the point was just a misunderstanding or inability to handle/manage work pressure.
  3. Don’t get absconded in a reluctance to do your duty, while you have decided to switch.
  4. Don’t carry guilt in yourself for changing your job if you are leaving for a good reason in a respectful manner as everyone seeks growth in his/her career.
  5. Don’t deteriorate your rapport and relations with your senior, colleagues and company while leaving.

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