Effective career tips for college graduates

What are the things that one should know before attending a face to face networking event or a career fair? What kind of skills that one should brush up before getting into these scenarios? How will you make this experience a worthwhile one rather than getting lost, drifting from one table to another and even grabbing fliers? So, for all you young and aspiring career seekers, here are certain helpful tips that will help you to stay on top of your game.

Resume preparation – This is one of the most important facets in getting a job. You should prepare your resume in such a manner that it should clearly portray your definite career objective. The resume should clearly highlight your details pertaining to skills, educational qualifications, computer proficiencies and any early career exposure you might have had. For instance, if you have done a summer job and an unpaid internship, then sort out anyone between the two which is more relevant keeping in mind the job position you are seeking for.

Now, that you are done with your career highlights your next step should be to highlight your educational qualifications, which should be based right at the bottom of your C.V or resume. Recruiters do not pay that much of an attention to the school or college you went to as they do with the relevant experience which is related to the job applied. In the end, make sure that you proofread your resume and take a print of the resume on quality paper. Always remember to carry multiple copies of resume in a folder at face to face networking events.

  • Make sure that you prepare a pitch up line or a one-liner. These one-liners are referred to by many as elevator speech. These one-liner acts as synopsis in brief related to your aspirations or career goal. It also conveys your specialty to the recruiter. It is known as elevator speech because it should convey your message in full within the time it takes to get into an elevator. It is recommended that you keep on practicing the one-liner on your family members as well as on your friends as long as you are not comfortable saying it at one go.
  • It is important that you smile and make eye contact when you come in contact with someone. Eye contact will help others to know that you are accessible. Always try and make a good impression when you meet someone for the first time by direct eye contact and talking to them confidently. You should look into their eye while shaking hands with them.

Remember that networking is one of the better ways to seek a job. Here the networking is in a professional manner. You should make a lasting impression on the people you meet because you might come in contact with a person who can help you get that dream job of yours. This is how one should find a job rather than scribbling on the Internet.