Effective delegation of work

The art of delegating is very synonymous with corporate culture and every aspiring professional should make it a point to master the art in order to further one’s career interests in the profession. Delegating work should never be seen as passing the baton. In fact, it should be observed as sharing the responsibility of a project with trust and confidence. The employee in the lower tiers of the company should make it a point to prove that he is a professional who can be trusted beyond anything. As for the senior level executive, it is all about handling work responsibilities and paving the way for the intelligent implementation of delegating work.

  • Saving time – Let’s face it. Delegating work saves you time. It could indeed be a harrowing time when you come in the morning and have a look at the long to-do list on your computer screen. If you are sure that you will not be able to complete them all, delegate it effectively. Leave the most important and responsible work for yourself and hand over the less important work to the employees under you.
  • Picking the right people – In order to delegate effectively, you need to pick the right people for the work. Right from the recruitment process, you need to have a clear mindset on what kind of duties each of your employees can perform to his/her best limits. Instead of going for the brooding ones, go for those who spread happy vibes in the office.
  • Never dump – Yes, this is where you discover the fine line between dumping and delegating. Make sure that your employee can complete the project on time. Rather than dumping the entire work on him, let him know that you trust him with some important work.

Leadership is indeed a high profile and towering trait that must be present in every ambitious professional but at the same time the skills of effective delegation of work should never be forgotten.

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