Efficiency versus becoming the boss’s pet

We have all heard of, and hated, the teacher’s pet. That one insufferable know-it-all who would remind the teacher or professor to set homework was as annoying as a pebble in a shoe.

To be confronted by the same predicament at work is sometimes too much for the human heart to bear. Yet, one cannot quit a job or “teach the pet a lesson or two”. This is the boss’s pet, the individual who has the boss’s ear, the person who is indemnified from the many tirades mere mortals have to tolerate.

So is efficiency an option? Or should we all strive to become the boss’s pet?

Let’s enumerate the pros and cons

  • Becoming the boss’s pet


  1. All it takes is a few flattering words and constant anticipation of the boss’s every whim and fancy.
  2. Work becomes a breeze because having found the boss’s favor; the bulk is dispersed among the others.
  3. Vacations, half-days and many more perks are easily acquired.


  1. The other employees are antagonistic towards you
  2. You are constantly on your toes thinking when the tables might be turned
  3. There is no real growth professionally, or personally
  4. You are never confident about your job security
  5. You lose self respect over time
  • Efficiency


  1. You gain not just the boss’s approval but the respect of your colleagues as well
  2. You find accomplishing work well, personally rewarding
  3. There can be no denial of your contribution to the work accomplished
  4. You are secure in your job. You do not fear being released as soon as your Boss is either transferred or terminated.
  5. There is both professional and personal growth.

As will be noticed, there are no cons enlisted for choosing to be efficient. That is because to even try would be a fool’s endeavor. Flattery and mindless adulation can only take a person so far. In the race to the echelons of the corporate world, efficiency trumps being the boss’s pet every single time.

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