Emerging craze of Government jobs

The world of careers has witnessed numerous turnarounds and turning points in the last 20 years. At one stage, people started leaving decent government jobs to go into bigger and larger private firms that paid better salaries but with lower conditions of work. But today, the craze for government jobs has again started to emerge, especially among youngsters who have started to look at their professional career in a long term perspective. Here are some reasons why people prefer government jobs to private jobs.

Good Pay scale

Salary is one of the most important factors to look out for while selecting a job offer. Government jobs have always attracted people, especially talented youngsters, by offering pay packages that come with good benefits, tax benefits and incentives. Government pay revisions in every country have substantially produced an impact in the pay packages. But at the same time, it is not a cakewalk to get a government job as opposed to private jobs as they are available in plenty, be it in any sector.


This is again another factor to look out for while choosing a job. The fact that government jobs can offer good stability is itself strong and powerful testimony to the support that it gets from all realms of society. Private jobs are always in the risk of changing market conditions. One day, you may see the company doing well and the next day, you may face the complete obliteration of the company. This condition is never associated with government jobs as they are always stable and firm in the long run.

Very little stress

Another advantage associated with a government job is that as an employee, you will be facing very little stress in the long run. Stress is mainly associated in an optimum quantity with people who operate in high positions. Therefore, in a fresher position, you will be compelled to face little or no stress at all. Working conditions are much better as compared to the private jobs and you will be relieved of your duties very fast without overtimes and late night sessions at office.


In government jobs, it is usually seen that promotions happen in due time on the basis of the duties that you do on time, whereas in private jobs, promotions do not happen at specified time intervals and are mostly associated with performance and productivity levels. There is therefore always a constant pressure and challenging atmosphere to perform better and to claim that much needed promotion. In the case of government jobs, there is always a great chance to get promoted and reach top posts.

Absence of employer-employee rivalry

This is again a factor to take due notice of. In the case of private firms, it is not necessary that your boss may like you. He/she may have a personal grudge against you and therefore prevent you from getting promoted. He/she may also continuously bully or harass you. On the contrary, rivalry between the employer and the employee rarely are heard in government offices. As they work for the same central force, they are unlikely to have unfriendly relations.

Government jobs have always been respected and looked up with great awe. With an emerging craze for government jobs, consider it your greatest luck if you land up on any top post. You will see that in the long run, it was always a right decision to stick to a government job.

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