Etiquettes For Office Washroom

Etiquettes or manners are the socially accepted rules which tell us how to behave in a group or in the professional arena. This is one thing which sets us apart from other species. We have different etiquettes for different places. We should understand the basic behavioral rules & apply depending on the place we are in. We have different types of etiquettes, for example- social, corporate, workplace, telephone, meeting, dining & bathroom etiquettes

Office is one place where we spend more than 8 hours every day. Rest room is one place that you use every day & probably more than once. Just like any other place, we need to follow some basic ground rules when we use the restroom in the office.

  • No matter how urgent the matter is, try to avoid telephonic conversation in washroom.
  • Never gossip inside a bathroom, we never know who else is there
  • Do not leave it dirty or unclean flush it every time
  • When you are inside, lock the door carefully
  • If there is someone inside, do not peep or bang the door. Let them come out
  • Always leave the seat dry
  • For female employees it is advisable not to carry bags with expensive things
  • Wash your hands every time you use the rest room
  • Avoid leaving the taps on
  • Never smoke inside the bathroom
  • Never throw hair in wash basin

Washrooms or restrooms are a very personal space. Where we often spend some very important alone time. So, it is essential that washrooms are comfortable, relaxing & clean. Remember, it is not your personal restroom; there are other employees also who share the same place. If you leave it dirty, be ready to get the same thing in return. What goes around is sure to come around and we would never want all the filth coming back to us when we want to use the restroom.

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