Evading tricky areas in resume

A small but important piece of information which you should include in your resume, even though it may raise a few eyebrows on the other side of the table – how do you place it, what should you do to avoid negative remarks when you are about to face an interview and you are sure of the fact that you will be questioned about that part in your resume. Suppose there is a long gap in your work history how do you manage that? There are ways to take care of all these issues! Here’s how you can do it.

Let’s start with the above instance of a gap in the employment period. Simple, instead of focusing on the years when you worked just mention your functional expertise and how you applied them in the organizations where you were employed. Mention this with pointers or summarize it, either ways, the focus will not be on the years, they will be on your skills.

Another common issue at present is listing the temporary or part time jobs which may be more than the full time employments or the only ones in your career. What do you do then? Just give the name of the company and then mention the projects that you took care of while you were part of the organization. This will take care of the issue that you are facing with respect to holding several temporary positions.

You’ve just graduated from college and thus don’t have any experience in the field. How do you convince your prospective employer that you are the right person for the job in this case? Include your internships or any other similar activities that may speak for your qualities and skills.

You’ve been changing jobs too frequently? This is what you do. There must be a legitimate reason for your job hopping (better salary package or better designation or better location or better facilities, etc.) Whatever the reason is, don’t keep any details undisclosed as it is very important to be perfectly honest about the positions you’ve held in the past. The trick is to be able to explain your position well.

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