Ex military trying to get a civilian’s job?

Welcome to the drill ladies and gentlemen! A lot to let go and a lot to take in, the best way to accept the ways of new life is to feel being a part of it. And this isn’t any different when it comes to starting a life as a civilian after being a part of the armed forces for ages. The first thing which you would want to let go of is definitely the military jargons. Get yourself a translator if you want to or a civilian friend who will help you out with the terminologies because, there is a great deal of difference between what they teach you in the military and the way you are supposed to live your life as a civilian. And, the first thing that you need to learn is that the job titles that you have become accustomed to isn’t the same as well.

Thus before beginning your job applications, do a bit of research regarding the vacancy, the organization and the responsibilities and of course, about how to actually go about framing your resume. The best way to do so would be highlight the general skills that you’ve learnt and specialized on, which you think will also help you in carrying out the responsibilities of the job that you are applying for.

You also need to remember that though you may have acquired a number of skills all of them may not be attractive to the employer. So, learn to prioritize the skills and highlight the ones which may have takers in your prospective employers.

Focus on the job related skills when you are creating your job application documents such as cover letter and resume. Avoid getting carried away and including a summary of everything that you know as that may be of little interest to the readers. While placing the details about education and training you need to remember this golden rule as well. Most importantly, play on your strengths and bring on that confident demeanor that will surely impress your recruiters.

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8 Responses to “Ex military trying to get a civilian’s job?”

  1. Prem Bahadur Thapa says:

    Data entry

  2. Priyanka Bn says:

    Keen intrested in jobs

  3. Priyanka Bn says:

    I am priyanka done bbm and planning to do my hier studies yes am intrested in civilian jobs

  4. anamika says:

    Can u plz tel me that if I hv applied for any job and after application I didn’t get any kind of intimation regarding it on my mail id or phone no. Then has it been applied successfully or not??