Experience or education

Education is something which a person is willing to pay for but does not get, however experience gives a person the education for which they are paid. A look at the classifieds of any newspaper or online job portal will make it very clear that both education and experience are in equally high demand.

A good education can ensure that:

  1. Employers immediately know that the candidate can be trained and will absorb the training
  2. They recognize the potential to mould the candidate to their requirement
  3. The employer provides a salary commensurate to the educational qualification.

A good education is vital for teaching or training positions and any other post that requires research or analysis

Experience, on the other hand makes sure that:

  1. An employer recognizes that the individual requires no additional training
  2. They recognize that the candidate can be productive from the first day itself
  3. They pay an industry grade salary that increases in proportion to the amount of experience of the candidate

Experience is something that nobody can have enough of. So it goes without saying that the more an individual has experience the better it is.

A fresher to the job market may gripe that unless he or she is given the first opportunity they can never gain experience. The solution to this is to take up jobs that might not be the job they want but just might be the job that takes them to it. Plenty of people work their way up from the mail room and end up as a CEO. They do this after being educated from highly recognized institutes and despite heavy qualifications. Even the Harvard educated CEO of Ranbaxy, a major Pharmaceutical company, had to begin in the mailroom of the company, despite the fact that it was owned by his own family!

Thus we can put the argument to rest by just agreeing that Education is as important as Experience, and one without the other is the same as a cell phone without a sim card or a sim card without a phone.

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