Facing a panel interview

Panel interview involves one candidate facing several interviewers. Generally, panel interviews are organized by MNCs and the interviewers’ panel includes top decision makers as well as key business managers.


HR professionals organize panel interviews due to the following reasons:

  • All members of the panel can judge candidates, based on their set parameters. Initial opinions might differ, but the final selection is based on a total consensus.
  • These interviews also help interviewers to analyze the body language of candidates. Members in the interview panel have fixed parameters regarding the overall outlook and they can closely study candidates as per their requirements.
  • Panel Interview also helps panelists to scrutinize the candidate’s professional experience.


Before going for a panel interview, you should know some of the necessary tips which will help you to face the panelists with greater confidence.

  • Firstly, try to stay cool, irrespective of the situation. If you lose your confidence when tricky questions are asked, then your chances automatically diminish. You can also be blacklisted from attending any further interviews.
  • You need to gather information about the company and the job profile you are applying for. It is highly probable that the panelists will ask you questions about the company. If you are unable to answer, that creates a negative impression.
  • Ask the panelists some questions. That creates a positive feeling about you. The interviewer will definitely get a feeling that you are really interested about your job and your chances of success will increase too.
  • Interact with all the panelists. This increases your overall prospects and you will also get to understand the mood of the interviewers.
  • Present all your capabilities to the interviewers. This will help panelists understand your skills and talents. Selections are made accordingly.

Whatever may be the circumstance, be in control of the situation and the applied job will be yours.

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