Factors Contributing to Changes in Hiring Trends

Recruiters at present need to keep a number of factors in mind while hiring candidates. While it was always a challenge to find the right person for the right job, the degree has increased to a great extent. Reason – competition among the recruiters. Even they have regular targets to meet as far as hiring and training is concerned. It has been observed that the trends keep changing at intervals, depending on various factors, both internal and external to the organization.

With an emphatic enhancement in the usage of social media websites, have opened new avenues in front of the recruiters.Now, the HR managers can choose a suitable candidate not just from their official CV or Resume, as was the trend, but also from their social media accounts and keep a number of practical factors while making their selection. After all, the age of just a verbal interview followed by job specific tests are long gone.

This has been replaced by behavioral tests, for which social interactions and networking capabilities can be taken as parameters as well. This is just one of the advantageous that has made social media websites a favorite among the recruiters. Another important reason is definitely the reach and the cost effective quality of the technique.

What follows is definitely the economic factors such as the financial resources in hand which implies the financial budget that the organization has fixed for hiring activities. If this is a constraint then the channel of selection will definitely be a more cost effective one. In this the aim will be to reach greater number of prospective candidates by using the least possible financial resource.

Finally, the attitude of the candidates are also changing considering the scope to be able to test their talents and skills in a greater way and more flexibly according to their requirements. The job market has become extremely accommodating. In the same way, the talented candidates have also learnt the tricks to bargain their way into highly paid positions after gaining the required experience and qualification.

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