Fashion Retailing Trends

Why is it important to discuss about fashion retailing trends? This is to let the students and professionals in the fashion industry know that apart from what they may have been told about fashion retailing (as in the traditional model), they need to be aware of fashion trends that have changed the face of international fashion industry. This is extremely important because it is only when we are aware of the big picture that we will be able to take relevant steps with respect to our education, training and career progression.

Three trends are identified which have been extremely successful in attaining popularity among the customers. Firstly, the basic products are offered in a long product development cycle. Here the stress is on the quality and class and not on mass production. The second model is one that follows a short product development cycle and aims at delivering almost as fast as the fashion changes and it caters to a niche customer base. Then there has been a third kind of trend that is almost like a merger of the classic and the trendy and it aims at offering both the basics in fashion as well as those that are in tune with the fashion trends.

The core of the matter rests on the fact that the professionals who form the fashion industry need to be aware of the customer’s preferences, likes and dislikes, so that they are able to offer products that are in demand. A complete understanding of their customer base is imperative in building a loyal clientele and attaining a strong foothold in this extremely competitive industry. The trends in fashion retailing therefore point towards organizations looking for maintaining a balance between customer’s preferences and quick response to changes in tastes consolidated by research and combined with a forward looking attitude that can predict emerging trends.

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