Feel Office – How important is a dress code

Cracking the Dress Code

Everything in this world has some sort of rule. Dressing also clings to some rules. It may seem rigid and strict to have to dress according to the rule. But workplace is not the only place where dress code is applicable. Even in normal life you follow certain code of dressing. Do not believe it? Okay, imagine going to your friend’s beach party in a suit, or attending a wedding in jeans and tees. You will look foolish if you do it. Since everything has some sort of dress code, why should the professional field lag behind? There should be some kind of dress code.

The necessity of a dress code is huge. It is important to have a professional feeling. Appearing at work in jeans will look too casual. Besides, dressing right is required to make an impression. When you are attending an interview or a client meeting, the first impression you create is important. You may revolt at this. But it is true. The client or interviewer will assess your dressing sense and may reject your proposal. You will have to make others like you by presenting a professional look.

Although the code may vary and different industries may have different modes of dressing, you will still have to maintain a fresh and polished look. This is especially applicable for those who frequently deal with clients.

Benefits of a Dressing Code

You will have to understand that nothing happens without a reason. Therefore there are some benefits of a dressing code in office environment. Otherwise, so many big organizations would not have made it compulsory.

Now, what are the benefits of dress code?

When employees come wearing a certain type of dress, they experience a sense of belonging. It gives birth to professionalism and eliminates the disarray, wrinkled and inappropriate clothing would have brought.

Dress code gives the feel of being important. It leads you to perform better and be more productive.

Wearing proper and professional dress impresses the customers and clients, and helps deriving more business.

It improves employee morale and unifies the workplace.

Dressing in a professional way

You will have to learn to dress to obtain a professional look. You need to understand that to look professional you will have to present a polished look. In this case everything matters, from color and length to style of the dress. Selecting the right color is important. Each color signifies something, like red is aggression, black is chic and grey is conservative. These colors can be worn in professional environment.

Jewelry will include earring and bracelet. You can also wear a pendent.

When you are projecting a professional image, your hands and feet should come into consideration too. Make sure to keep your hands manicured and nails in proper shape. Otherwise, your entire effort will go into waste.

Breaking the dress code

Sometimes, you can break the rule. You can wear jeans and still look professional. However for this you will have to be creative. Sacrifice the blue denim and stick to black. Similarly, save the boot cuts and hipsters for the weekend. Select the slim fit jeans and pair it with white or black collared T shirt. Wear simple belt to hide the waist band of the jeans.

Do not go on breaking the rule though.

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