Finding a trendy job

When you talk about a career option that’s trendy in nature, there’s probably one name that will race to your mind and that’s fashion. Today more and more people are rushing and queuing up for high profile courses that are offered in fashion designing at some of the most reputable colleges and universities around the globe. There are even incidences of students going all the way to another country just to pursue a career in fashion designing. Let’s face it. Which fashion aspirant wouldn’t dream of working alongside world famous designers in the fashion capital of the world – Paris? Well, this article throws reasonable amount of light on the fashion industry and the job profile you will be handling.

  • Fashion education is the base – If you aspire to work in the fashion industry, you need to complete formal education and learn all the fundamental aspects of the sector. Even the entry level jobs need candidates with a sound base in designing.
  • Start interning – It has been customary of fashion design students to undergo professional internship at major industry houses either during the course or after the graduation. By interning, you get to work with the top professionals in the industry and learn a variety of aspects and perspectives.
  • Specializations – There are a variety of specializations with which you could work. From the traditional design department and merchandising to manufacturing and fashion show co-ordination, there are many areas and avenues.
  • Job sectors – If you are interested in design, then you could go for export garment and textile houses. If you are qualified enough, you could always try for international global brands such as Ralph Lauren, Louie Vuitton and Benetton.

Finding a job in the initial stages may turn out to be harrowing for some. But believe in yourself and the consistency that you maintain. Networking on the virtual space is good for fashion job seekers.

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