First interview preparation to get that dream job

With the start of another global meltdown which is still unofficial, getting a job is a headache. Job axing has been a tool in the hands of companies to cut costs. This is a global practice by most of the companies across all verticals. In this precarious scenario, it has been getting really difficult for fresher job seekers to grab a job. As per the recent trends most companies do not visit college campuses for placements like they used to do few months back. This has created a vacuum in the field of job placements or campus placement, which was not the case earlier, where college graduates were spoilt for choices. Due to this market situation the companies that are hiring fresh graduates from campuses has reduced considerably and salary offered is also declining steadily. However, market experts are of the opinion that this situation is not going to prevail for a long period of time and the situation will improve within two years to everyone’s delight.

The problem faced by a fresher and an experienced candidate is different. For instance, a fresher has to rely upon the interview of his/hers first job. On the other hand, an experienced candidate can still manage to get a job on the basis of their experience. Interview is the only point to break the ice for a fresher to get a job. The reason for this is that a fresher do not have the luxury to fall back on his/her prior work experience. As a fresher you will only get one shot to impress a particular job recruiter. Moreover, you will have to impress a job recruiter with your behavior and not only with your educational qualifications to get a job.

A first time interview can be an intimidating affair for a fresher for obvious reasons. However, one can get away from the jitters of first interview with prior preparations in order to sail through comfortably. Keep in mind that for fresher jobs there are thousands of candidates lined up after you. So get the first job, you will really have to be a cat among the pigeons to snatch it from others. You will have to be mentally geared up for the challenge of facing an interview.

It is really important that you have your resume ready with you while scouring through job portals. It is your resume that you have submitted which will help you to get that interview call. Make sure that you are thorough with it like the back of your hand. Remember that most of the questions that the recruiter will ask you are based on your resume details.

You need to talk in an interview as if you are a sales guy to highlight your USPs. You need to give your best in any interview to impress the recruiter so that you get that job. Mainly try to focus on your positives/ strengths and take the right foot forward to get that desired job. These are certain interview preparations that you need to take to get a job.

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  1. Hiten says:

    Good post. I also find it helpful to a get a family member or friend to ask me questions and then practice saying the answers out aloud.