Freelance Journalism: A whole hearted part-time job

Freelance journalism is one of the most “happening” jobs today, if we can use this adjective! This has been attracting both the newbie and the experienced professional. Some journalists even have specialized training in certain fields along with experience and that bestows them with additional advantages.

Many freelancers aim pretty high before they step into the field of journalism but this should be taken into account that it is not always possible to work under a big brand at the very beginning. A good independent start is more than enough to cope up with the first phase of obligations and obstructions. What’s best needed for this particular job is gathering a bit of experience from the freelancers who are working in this field for past few years, and sharpening your skills like patience, dedication, knowledge about the topic that you want to cover.

Coming to the financial and profit part – it may so happen that at the beginning you might not earn as much as you expect. Consider it to be a learning experience before you become a veteran one. Here are some tips to come out with flying colors in freelancing journalism:

  • Skills: Having a clear concept of the subject and offering a firm position in your write up or reporting style.
  • Choice of subject, number of words, interviews, deadlines, being active and positive in approach should be followed to ace the test.
  • Don’t be timorous and avoid plagiarism. The best part of this job is you don’t have a boss to rule over you but the worst part is you don’t even have a fixed and regular income too.
  • But keeping aside all the negativity, boost yourself up and pull your socks up to take up freelance journalism as the best possible job.

If you are up for it then prepare to take up this job at your own risk! Of course, there are flipsides to it but the challenges are immense and it’s a flourishing career prospect, to say the least.