Getting a good recommendation letter

A good recommendation letter plays a great role in advancing up the ladder of one’s career. It is after a graduation when you decide to apply for a job, that you understand the value of a good recommendation letter. It is often seen that resumes with glowing numbers and statistics fall short to help you get that perfect job. That’s when you realize that if you could have attached a good recommendation letter along with your resume, you could have attained that dream job with minimal ease. Recommendation letters also come in handy when you change career directions and decide to hop from one sector to the other. Getting a good recommendation letter is not that hard and you could get hold of one if you keep a few tips in mind.

Selecting the perfect referee

The first thing to do is to select the person who could give you a good recommendation letter. It could be a person who has influenced you very much in your graduation days or a person with whom you have had direct conversations and student-teacher sessions. Remember that the person you choose must have a good standing in the field that you would be working in. It is for this matter that the qualifications of the person should be really good and therefore worth recommending you for the top job. If you have participated in extracurricular activities where you may have secured good grades, then people who you have worked with there could be consulted for the letter too.

Convincing the referee

The biggest task at hand is indeed to convince the person to give you a good recommendation letter. This is practically easy if you know the person very well and if he is willfully ready to recommend you for a particular job. You need to explain to the person how important that particular job position is to you and how a simple truthful recommendation letter could take you a long way. Convincing a person becomes rather difficult if you have stayed at the back of the class room in your graduation days and if you have showed least interest in participating in the discussions of the class. This is when you really understand the value of taking wholehearted participation in the activities of the graduation school.

Supply information that the referee might need

It is always a great gesture to supply the information about you to the person who would be writing a recommendation letter for you. This greatly reduces the time that the person would need to write a letter for you. The information package could include your resume, your overall grades of high school and graduation, special term projects that you may have done, your long time goals in future and your activities and accomplishments at graduation school.

Once you keep the aforementioned tips in your mind, you will be able to obtain that perfect recommendation letter and in the long run the perfect job that you might be chasing. For those of you who are waiting to get out of graduation school, here’s a tip. Maintain friendly relations with the faculty at school and you will make this task much easier.

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