Giving your best shot at the interview

The interview is almost a rite of passage for any working professional. It is an individual’s initiation into the world of employment and financial independence. A person can hope to not have to appear for too many interviews, but the reality is that unless you have a few interviews in your experience it is quite difficult to ace the one that really matters.

Like any other endeavor, acing an interview takes two very important things:

  • Preparation

To make an interview count you need to remember to

  1. Research the position you are applying for
  2. Find out a little about the company
  3. Tweak your resume to accommodate all the specifications required
  4. Get your outfit and accessories prepared in advance
  5. Organize your relevant documents and other paraphernalia in the order you want to present them
  • Practice

Before an interview, make sure you do the following

  1. Try to go for interviews in other less desirable firms to get a feel of the questions asked
  2. Use a mirror to simulate an interviewer and check your language and pronunciation skills
  3. Learn any specific terms, phrases and definitions and become proficient in their use, but avoid parroting them.

Once you have followed all these tips you are half way there. The other half will all depend on you. Remember an interview is not about selling yourself, as so many people claim. It is about making a prospective employer see the best in you so he wants to hire your talents.

So be yourself and go confident into the workplace and make sure that when you are introduced to the recruiter you give them a short and firm handshake, tell them your name in a clear voice and make sure you smile.

Remember, the interview is also about the recruiter. It just might be that they need someone with different skills or that they are unable to see those skills in you. So even if your best shot doest get you the job, move on and get going because eventually you will achieve your dream.

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  1. Really usefull tips. thanks for sharing with us.