Great excuses for being late at work and how to avoid them

Late at work, are you? It doesn’t take more than a few seconds to think of an innovative and new excuse every time! But at one point of time or the other you will run out of excuses. So, what then? Well, you can always refer to those innumerable resources where they don’t take much time either to publish these excuses! One interesting trend that has been noticed at present is the confidence with which the employees walk in through that door knowing that they are late, ready to throw off some of the most absurd reasons, not always blurted out, but nevertheless apparent from their body language!

Some of the most commonly given excuses are the following:

  • Missed the bus
  • Traffic issues
  • Sudden illness (fever, stomach ache, headache, etc)
  • Personal reasons
  • Business to attend to (very rarely given though!)

The point is to realize that how absurd and silly these may sound at times. So, before it’s too late you need to start coming to office on time and stop making such “great” excuses for not being on time to work. After all, punctuality is something that counts when you are expecting a promotion or periodical appraisal. You need to keep this in mind. This is because if you don’t get what you had expected, in that case, you have no one to blame but yourself. This of course doesn’t mean that you can’t have a viable reason not to be late. This is acceptable at times, but not always. So, your job is to ensure that you’re not only ending up giving excuses, but justified reasons as well, and your seniors actually believe them, keeping your past records in mind.

If you’re not in the habit of coming to work on time then you need to inculcate it as soon as possible and believe that you are not actually going against the laws of nature if you are coming to work on time!

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One Response to “Great excuses for being late at work and how to avoid them”

  1. Venugopal K says:

    Being late at work many times over rides ones capabilities, technical strengths ans can easily pull down the appraisal to a normal performance.