Growing importance of psychometric tests in interviews


Psychometric tests in interviews have become a familiar inclusion and the MNCs and Corporate houses are making the best use of it. These interview procedures are mainly done to assess the candidate’s dedication and enthusiasm towards the job and acts as a parameter for measuring the aspirant’s determination, interests as well as moral values.


Psychometric tests are usually of two types namely

  • Skill or aptitude tests.
  • Work related questions which will include questions on Intelligence, awareness and general ability.

Aptitude tests include question sections on Verbal reasoning. The aspirants who come to take these tests are usually asked to evaluate facts and data. Questions are also set on numerical abilities which are done to analyze the candidate’s competency in dealing with numbers. There are questionnaires about grammar and it is done primarily to judge the grammatical as well as comprehension skills of the test takers. Furthermore, the IQ questions are also set to examine how quickly a candidate can handle the difficult situations.

Work section questions will primarily have questions related to interpersonal traits. Motivation related questions as well as questions on how to become stress free will also form a part of the test papers. In this section of psychometric tests, the candidates can also expect questions on work morals, ethics as well as office behavior.

Overall, these tests are mainly designed to evaluate your personal character traits which will help the companies to understand your potentials and will place you in their vacant profiles.


If you are still in a mess figuring out how to pass the psychometric tests, check out some of the tips which will definitely act as a guide for you.

  • Have a proper knowledge about the test and its patterns. You will be in utter mess if you do not have thorough information about different sections of the tests
  • Go through lot of sample test practice papers before you actually appear for the test. Practicing with the sample papers will help you to gain deeper knowledge about the test patterns and will help you to cross the test efficiently.
  • Make sure that you practice these papers keeping the time factor in mind. These practice tests should be taken in strict exam conditions and should be done with a definite time set.
  • One can also try to practice sample online test papers which are available in plenty in leading websites. With repeated practice, the aspirants will get to understand all the technicalities of the tests.

Whatever may be the condition, the basic mantra is always fight till the end and leave no stone unturned till you achieve success.

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