Handling the Telephonic Interview

Telephonic interviews have become pretty popular. If you are searching for a job, you should make your cell phone, your constant companion. The reason is, you may receive a call any time, any moment. You will have to keep in mind that you need to sound your best when the interviewer calls you up. They may say that it is an informal interview. However, there is nothing called informal that exists in the book of the interviewer. The formal round may depend on your performance in the informal round.

Before the Call

Due to this, you should always be prepared. Before applying for a certain job make sure to read the advertisement carefully. Notice small things as well as the big ones. You have no way of knowing which question may be thrown your way. Remember that the first impression counts. Your future depends on this impression. Therefore, do not let the opportunity of making the impact slip away.

Another thing you must do after applying for a job is to study a bit. You will have to gather information about the company you have applied for. Just a bit of ground research is enough for the first round of telephonic interview.

Learn about the job the company is offering. You may have experience of handling the same type of job. But keep in mind that each company has different sort of requirements. And there may be some differences between your current job and the one you have applied for.

If the job demands that you will have to relocate, make sure to learn about the location. It may help you answer the ‘Why this job’ question.

When the call comes your way

If you have a CV that speaks for you and a well written application, you will eventually get a call from the company. You need to remember that the interviewer is calling you up because it is a quick and cost saving way of short listing the right candidate. The time which is allotted for each candidate is around 15 minutes. Therefore, you will have to remember that your time is limited. Do not waste time thinking before each question. It is ok to spend a few seconds pausing and then answering. But if the time stretches longer, the interviewer will know that you are not sure about the answer.

During the interview, if you feel that an elaboration will put you in a better stand, ask for time. Do not just launch into a detailed lecture.

Bear in mind that you do not have the time to study notes. The clock is ticking and you are hard pressed for time. Therefore, get yourself some index cards and make notes of the important points after applying for the job. Spread these cards in front of you and reach for the one you will require. It will save time.

You may look foolish to dress for this round. After all, the interviewer cannot see you. But, getting into the mood and reflecting the aura of importance is essential to get the attention of the interviewer.

Lastly, select a place where you are least likely to be interrupted while answering the questions. A quiet room will do the trick. Steer yourself away from the noises for this one.

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