How Important is Campus Selection ?

Campus selection is the one of the major parameter on which a college/university’s reputation and value is calculated. While deciding on which college to take admission in, student and their parents consider various points such as College’s history, Govt. support, affiliation, bank support, faculty and campus record. These all factors altogether indeed determine the ranking of college. Campus selection is the biggest platform for a student to get himself and his career a good break and kick-start as his fresher level.Thus preparing for campus selection has to be very strategic, it being your first interview .

The benefits that student derives from Campus selection can be summarized as:

  1. The invaluable Job platform: Various big companies, even including MNCs do visit college campuses in search for fresh talents. The hiring of these companies otherwise is quite tough to get through, and to get in you would need references or real good labor.
  2. Better Offers at Hand: Better and viable profiles and posts are offered to students in campus interviews, outside market competition for which could be quite high.
  3. Handsome Packages: Handsome or at least reasonable packages are offered to the freshers at their campus selection, obviously in-line with the ranking of the college and the past campus records, etc. Student’s performance definitely could take the slab further negotiable.
  4. In-Campus Ambiance, wherein the interviews are being held in your own college, your teachers are out there and you have been oriented about the how abouts. These factors work a lot, both directly as well as indirectly, boosting your confidence, morale, etc.
  5. Support for Further Growth: Getting a good campus offer/job quite a lot eases your further job-changes and growth path. It kick starts the career-progression.
  6. Safeguards Against Job Struggle: Outside your campus exists a firing world of competition, too tough and full of pains of struggle for freshers. Therein you not only need to give all your stamina and energy, trying to get a good job, but the earnings also do turn out to be peanuts, as the packages and job-configuration also come in hand thin and weak.

So to take a smooth career road, prepare well for your campus interview and leave no stone unturned.