How to be a Successful Manager

Definition of an ideal manager itself states that a manager is the one who can develop better managers than himself. A manager essentially needs to have the qualities of management, leadership and learning attitude. Every action of a manager seeks to command respect and a desire in others to follow him and at some point of time take a similar action or be like him.

There are a basic set of managerial skills defined, which to be effective in this role one needs to have in himself. Here is the list of skills thus defined for a successful manager:

  1. Must be capable of making and establishing effective and responsive interpersonal relationships . And on on account of same, he would command respect from his sub-ordinates, colleagues and superiors.
  2. Effective & Complete Communication is very important wherein your meaning as well as intentions are both delivered to your listener/target whether communicating orally or in writing. Feedback therein is as important and so you must be listen to others and be interactive.
  3. Team building is a part of your KRA and so, smoothing and lubricating team work and co-ordinating with the team members also is your responsibility. As their leader you are required to keep your team motivated and do their skill enhancement and help them get better.
  4. Knowing and understanding the financial sections and clauses of the business and set your and your team’s goals and then evaluate them and document your subordinates assessment details.
  5. Building a healthy and progressive work environment and culture , fueling positive attitude, boosting morale and giving recognition to employees to keep them motivated and give their 100%.
  6. Grooming of subordinates is one more essential quality to be talked about. As being the head of the team and as a mentor its manager’s responsibility to help his juniors learn from their work, develop their skills and capabilities and get better and skilled.
  7. Understanding the management goals and company’s vision and mission, set targets and delegate work to his team and support and help them achieve the same.