How to be the Manager, Your Sub-ordinates Want You to be!

A manager not only the is leader of the team, but he is the mentor, the role model for his sub-ordinates and the head of his family(reporting team). All concerns including growth and development of employees/juniors lies on a manager’s shoulder. By definition also it has been marked out that a successful manager should be capable of developing more efficient managers. To maintain healthy growth and productivity of team and efficiency in team performance, it is mandatory for him to ensure the satisfaction and involvement of his team members.

To lubricate the team co-ordination in the right manner, he needs to understand the requirements of his team members and if not fulfill the same, at least answer them appropriately. Below is a list of the basic requirements team seeks from his manager:

  1. Transparency in terms of company policies, job responsibilities, roles/KRAs, projects running or coming-up, etc.. is what an employee expects from his boss.
  2. Open Communication allows the employees to share their views & feelings, thereby motivates them come-up with ideas, take initiative and put forth the problems. While the situation being reverse the outcome as well will be adverse.
  3. Regular review of work allotted to the sub-ordinated, their performance assessment, followed by feedback in terms of appreciation and suggestion, etc.. helps employees know the loop holes and thus overcome the same in future.
  4. Mentoring the employees, marking out their set of strengths and weaknesses and accordingly working on them , facilitates in the growth of employees and their productivity.
  5. Be Approachable and accessible, so that whenever your juniors are stuck in some problem, they can come to you for solution and guidance. While if the manager is not available and contactable, the sub-ordinate will be webbed in that problem helplessly.
  6. Honesty & Candid attitude maintained would command respect and loyalty from your employees.
  7. Proper Delegation of work and target allotment, facilitates clarity of work/responsibilities and the ownership of work thereby given motivates people do their best and showcase their worth.
  8. To take care of Sub-ordinate’s needs and growth. Not only getting work done and meeting target is a boss’s responsibility, but in turn looking after his employee’s needs/requirements as well is his duty.
  9. Arrange justifiable remuneration for your team. Equitable income is everyone’s need and being a manager, its your liability to ensure that a sincere and hard working person gets his due.
  10. Motivation is very important to keep their spirits and enthusiasm high, to maintain the productivity. And for that you can use various measures like appraise their work, help them overcome barriers, etc..