How to conduct yourself at corporate parties

Corporate parties are always an integral and irremovable part of the corporate work culture and it would do you good if you show a healthy sign and positive sign of attending these parties. You may not be fond of your office colleagues or the entire concept of parties may be alien to your personal liking, but attending these parties can boost your career and help you to network with important people in the industry. At the same time, it needs to be emphasized that how you conduct yourself at the party will determine your standing in the office. Here are some tips that can help you to conduct yourself at high profile corporate parties.

  • Always enquire and find out the dressing style expected to be followed at the party. You could ask your colleagues or even your boss for this. Since this is after all, an office party, you would never want to put on an outfit that overshadows your personality. At the same time, try not to look boring with a completely formal look. You may want to give the tie a day of rest as well.
  • Networking is the key – Corporate parties are normally organized so that there could be healthy rounds of networking sessions between the employers and the employees in an unofficial atmosphere. Have small bouts of chats with the colleagues in your department as well as others. Also remember that you may gossip but not at the cost of your boss overhearing you at the next table. You may end up being fired the next day.
  • Never be late – It is never a friendly gesture to end up at the party late and panting. It never sends out a good message. Confirm the timing and reach the venue well in advance.
  • Never drink too much – Corporate parties will always overflow with liquor, but it is important that you set a limit for yourself. You would never want to portray yourself as a person who is an absolute alcoholic in reality.

Try these above tactics at your next office party and you could end up having a great time.

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