How to do an Effective and Innovative Job Hunting!!

If you are looking for a job, just uploading resumes on job portals and applying for suitable openings can not ensure that you will get the best deal. In this high value minded world, where everyone is concerned about getting the best out of their resources and the high rates of unemployment and competitiveness, you need to try some thing different to come ahead of the rate race and be effective in your job hunt.

Following is a list of effective and innovative tolls /trends emerged and employed in the recent job-search practice:

  1. Explore the opportunities well. List out the companies you want to work with and filter out all its opening and the ones that sound relevant to you. Accordingly apply for them.
  2. Focus on using social media sites like Linked-in and Twitter, to get yourself relevant updates as well as networks, as you can easily reach such people here, who otherwise are not accessible.
  3. Not only should your resume be updated, but you must as well cross-check for the resume sample/format as certain profile seek much technical resume writing. Do work well on your covering letter.
  4. Be open to options in terms of job categories, profiles, etc and salary packages as well. As marking such borders limit your options and opportunities. Developing transferable skills and trying different profile enrich your worth and money at times get dwarfed in front the opportunity offered.
  5. Try multiple profiles and multiple resumes as thereby you will increase your chances of getting a tailor made approach for a relevant opening and thereby enhancing your circumference.
  6. Do not only focus upon the bigger portals, as at times the local/smaller portal(s) can fetch you lucrative and promising opportunities, you were so long waiting for.
  7. Be active and participate in industry conferences as they will let you know the insides of an industry getting feedback and experiences of influential executives, etc.. And moreover its a golden opportunity for you to make an impression on them and earn yourself some very good opportunity.
  8. Having strong networks and references, always is advisable. References not only are an important section of your resume, but to get yourself company employee reference is highly useful, as the internally referred candidates are more preferred than outsiders.
  9. Volunteering for NGOs, doing short-term courses, OJTs, etc. are another set highly effective tool you can employ to get sure results.
  10. Trying Informational interviews similarly are highly fruitful as not only they get you insides of the industry through the person currently working there. But it also is instrumental in helping you in networking and reference building.