How to go about a career in journalism

Thirty years ago, if you were to tell someone that you aspire to make a career in journalism, people would just happen to look at you with wide eyes and then ask you whether it’s a real profession. But today, media has emerged to become one of the strongest pillars of democracy and powerful enough to topple governments. The 21st century brought along a wave of journalism courses and colleges that equips students with the necessary skill sets to excel in the media industry. This article gives you a brief idea of how you can go about a career in journalism.

The skills set

  • The first and foremost skill that you must possess is undoubtedly the talent of communication, irrespective of language. Journalism is all about interaction possessing information and then playing a major role in the dissemination of that particular information.
  • Another key skill in media circles is referred to as the ‘nose for news’. You must always have a thirst for information and news. For that, you need to keep your eyes and ears open and alert at all the times.
  • Excellent grasping power is the third important skill for journalism. Due to the extreme competition between various media organizations, there is always the hunger to report news first. You have to be quick, nimble and always on the feet.

Streams of media

  • Print is the traditional and oldest form of journalism and covers newspapers and magazines.
  • Today, there are more 24 hour news channels which have come through the development of visual media.
  • The third but equally important stream is the new media stream which refers to the online/virtual media. These journalists are known as web journalists.

Job fields

Some traditional job fields associated with journalism are for the posts of reporter, correspondent, news editor, sub-editor, content producer and news reader and production manager.

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