How to increase visibility at work

Want the answer in one word? Be Visible! And, how is that done? Be active, enthusiastic, suggest when offered the chance, and don’t just stick what you’re told to do – go beyond the obvious and show your interest in stretching your limits. There’s just one last thing that needs to be done – rebuild of image from being a passive listener to an active doer so that your employees are able to trust you with creative and innovative projects or something that is out of the book.

It can get a bit tricky at times – for instance people may think that you’re going overboard in order to get recognized and your efforts may seem to be too artificial to be actually appreciated.So, you need to maintain an assertive attitude so that your sudden attempts at being visible aren’t mistaken as too desperate!

Start off with sharing your ideas and discussing the progress rate of different projects with your co-workers because they are the ones who actually ‘see’ you the most. And, when you see that your ideas are being accepted by them then make it a point to place those as suggestions to your supervisor. Remember, this is very important as they need to know that you’re the one who is coming up with these ideas. Practice this for a few weeks. Try blending this with attempts at representing your organization in programs outside office premise, if given the opportunity. Seek for permission to attend these functions when you come to know that these are in the pipeline. Show your initiative to learn from your manager by fixing a few minutes of meeting with them according to their schedule.

Following up with this routine, will ultimately put you in the good books of your supervisors and you will definitely be observed. Seize the opportunities to interact with the top executives, but not at the slightest context or else there’s a risk of too much exposure as opposed to visibility!

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