How to Keep Hold on Interview over a Video Call

Interviews are always tricky and anyone feels nervous attending it regardless of whether it is his first or one of the many interviews. In fact, the tension or nervousness that prevails is because a single wrong step can make you end up losing the job. Nowadays, organizations take the help of technologically developed devices so that the geographical barriers are erased. Various ways of interviewing has been introduced and video conferencing on skype is getting quite common and popular too.

Guidelines to handle an interview over a video call


Prepare just like you would prepare for any other interview. Research with reference to the intentions and objectives of the organization and study the management so that you get familiar with the perspectives of the company in the right way. Although the medium changes, the basics of any interview never change.

Cut out interruption

If you are planning to take the interview from your home, make sure you equipment is in the right condition and you are left uninterrupted and undisturbed at that time. Technology can be unpredictable at times. So, you should be prepared and have a back up plan as well. Also, prepare well beforehand so that you are able to use skype comfortably at the time of interview. Concentrate well on the conversation.


Pay attention to your dress and do not forget to dress according to the situation. Look fresh and smart so that you look serious about the occasion. Look straight into the camera and do not lose eye contact. Do not try to read out. Reply slowly and clearly.

Focus on the time limit

Be conscious of the time limit and try cover your list of items and ask all relevant questions within the time allotted. Do not ask anything that is already available on the company’s website.

Focus on your goals and ask precise questions only. You might bag the offer.