How to Quit Your Present Job with Poise

If you think and plan that you need to leave your present job, it is your responsibility to make it as unproblematic as possible for you and your employer. It is not good to stay stuck in your job just because you think that your firm needs you. If you get a better opportunity elsewhere, you should go ahead and move forward in life.

Prepare ahead of time – Do not ever quit your job in haste. People who get angry and quit the job always regret it later. Always evaluate the pros and cons of leaving your present job before quitting it and find an alternative way to earn as well.

Weigh your financial cushion – If you have decided to quit your job and you have not found one yet, make sure you have reserves in your bank to keep you sustained.

Apply for new job before leaving – It is good to apply for new jobs before you leave the old one. Think about the consequences of quitting the job without finding a good alternate.

Give your boss a notice – It is good to give a written notice to your boss. This should be according to your agreement at the time of joining. Give the motive in writing that you are going to quit your present position. This is, in fact, a professional and respectful way to leave your job.

Be honest – Be truthful and honest with your boss. He deserves to know why you are leaving the job and where you are planning to go. If your motivation was money, your boss might offer even more money just to keep you.

Be professional – Demonstrate professionalism in any case. During the period of giving the notice of your resignation, you might find that your colleagues treat you badly or something else. But, you should not get angry.