How to recruit through Twitter

There is a saying “Put yourself on view. This brings your talents to light”. This works perfectly today when the recruiters source for various opportunities especially from different social networking sites. There are so many platforms available today, but when we talk about Twitter as a sourcing channel, we become skeptic. Probably we are not aware that Twitter has close to 250 million users today & is growing rapidly.

We have an idea that on Twitter we can only follow celebrities & their posts. But with the growing user base this micro-blogging site becoming the favorite for the HRs to look for candidates. But still the question remains – is Twitter a professionally relevant platform?

People share their interests, opinions, thoughts, and messages all the time & there are different communities also. For those who don’t have place in other professional networking sites, such as- LinkedIn, for them Twitter is the best suited place. It can actually work as a huge talent pool for the employers. Companies can twit their requirements & applicants can respond to them. Or else, they employers can follow people’s tweets, lists they are connected to, check if there is any website attached to the account.

Recruiters can opt for a keyword search or a hash tag search. Twitter offers two kinds of search options: basic & advanced. In hash tag search we need to prefix the keyword with a # sign & that will allow others to participate in a conversation or event. This can help the employees find interested & suitable profiles.

In conclusion, we can say that sourcing from social platforms are much more innovative & interesting, than to hunt for talent following the conventional methods. All that is required here, it out of the box thinking. We may find a lot of unexplored talent but still Twitter is considered to be one of the most understated sites for talent search. We just need to change the mindset & look up for the best suited alternative.

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