How to Write a Professional Resume

Your resume introduces you to your interviewer, acting as your representative before you meet your interviewer. To a great extent your chances of getting the awaited interview call is determined by how effective and professional resume, have you drafted. Your career and dream job can not afford the slightest of the mistake to snatch away the opportunity from you. So draft yourself a customized and professional resume, how much time or effort it may take. The benefits it will earn you, justifies all your efforts. While drafting your resume, take care of the following points to strike the target at right point:

What all to Do:

  1. The font size and style must be basic and professional, like Arial, Bookmark, etc. and the font size must be readable, don’t use size bigger than 14.
  2. Resume format and content should be current and updated:
  3. The contact details must be correct and complete.
  4. You email id, that you are giving in contact details, must be professional and avoid using any sort of obscure or funny characters. If possible do include your Linked-in id, twitter id (do not include facebook/orkut)
  5. Your resume should be achievement and skill based, instead of stressing on duty and responsibilities handled.
  6. The file name of your resume should be proper and meaningful, preferably your own name or resume/CV.
  7. Customize your resume matching the requirement and trend of the industry/profile you are applying for.
  8. Try to include the concerned job’s profile/responsibilities related relevant key-words.
  9. Provide details of your achievements and skills precisely.
  10. All your details given in covering memo, resume and your application form(if filled any) must be the same and consistent.

What you must Avoid:

  1. Don’t underline or highlight not so important points,
  2. Skip using system specific graphs/symbols/fonts
  3. Don’t include references in the resume main body, keep it ready aside to be provided, when asked.
  4. Do not over-space the contents or unnecessarily stretch the details.
  5. Good presentation must never include comic font styles or unnecessary frames or designs or charts or graphs.

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