How Well Should You Be Dressed On Your Interview?

“The first impression is the last impression”- that is perfectly applied for the purpose of interview. As soon as the interviewer sees the interviewee, the first impression before he even utters anything that he is going to have about him is through the attires he is wearing. It is a great strategy to impress the interviewer at the first glance sheerly with the help of the clothes he wears. Hence, it is very important and necessary to dress in a proper professional manner whenever one attends the interview . There are certain proper etiquette’s of dressing for an interview. If followed properly, these etiquette’s can definitely bring a positive result to any interview. However, the attires that need to be worn by men for an interview are follows:

  • The hair should be short
  • Shoes and socks must be dark always
  • There should not be beard or moustache and in case of the presence of the later, it should be trimmed.
  • Should not wear any rings and hide tattoos

The attires for women on the other hand are as follows:

  • There should be minimal make-up if present
  • Color of nails should be conservative if present
  • There should be only one set of earrings and no other accessories, and tattoos hidden
  • Should wear suit with jacket, cotton salwar kameez, but no dresses

These few guidelines if followed would definitely elevate the chances of the candidate to win the job search .