Impact of Eye contact in interviews

Eyes are the mirrors of mind. Thus every eye movement speaks in volumes, and goes on describing different human expressions. In an interview, eye contact plays a vital role in conveying the confidence, self esteem and the quality of communicating with a person. A candidate while facing an interview should remember to maintain an eye contact with the members of the interview board which reflects his ability to communicate with the nonverbal gestures.

The correct ways of eye contacts

The nonverbal communication, if not communicated in a proper manner, leads to negative impact on the interviewers. While making an eye contact one must keep in mind the ethics of nonverbal communication. An interviewee is supposed to make an eye contact with the members present in the interview board but an eye contact should not turn into an act of staring. This may set a negative impact on the interviewers as a continued eye contact can be taken as an intense or an unfriendly look. A candidate should also remember to attend all the members of the interview board through eye contact. He needs to look at every one while answering the interview. This coordination between the verbal and non verbal communication hints at the communication skills of the candidate

What more the eyes convey in an interview?

The eyes reflect the ongoing thoughts and expressions of the candidate in the interview. The eye contacts in with the interviewer especially while answering the questions on skills, coveys the confidence and preparation of the candidates for facing the interview whereas looking down on the shoes or floor reflects nervousness and lack of confidence. Looking outside the window or constant shifting of vision hints at distracted mind, lack of concentration and trial of the candidate to sum up the answer about which he is not sure. Psychologist suggests maintaining the eye contact throughout the interview as the sudden blinking of eyes indicates at hiding of some facts. It also hints at stress and nervousness which the candidate was trying to veil out. Lack of eye contact may convey disrespect and disinterest towards the job.

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    very right said sir,infact i think eyes actions spells each and everything from A to Z..even beyond Z.

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