Importance of a good cover letter

Importance of a good cover letter Sending a resume without a proper cover letter is like trying to build a house without a foundation. It is true that the resume itself holds all the necessary information about the applicant, but a good cover letter helps the employers form the base of the impression about the applicant. With an increase in job opportunities, there is also an increase in competition and in this situation a job seeker has to stay ahead of competitors if he has to secure a good job. It is to be kept in mind that attaching a good cover letter with the resume always works a lot to impress the employers and thus gain an edge over others.

There are many advantages of a good cover letter.

First, it helps the recruiters understand your accomplishments, achievements and strengths in a single go. They are thus able to relate your position with the job profile they are offering.
Second, you can put some relevant information which has no place in resume in the cover letter. Thus you would be able to mention your salary expectation and willingness to relocate in the letter which may help the recruiters a lot.
Through a cover letter you would be able to communicate with the recruiters in a better way and can even make a call for action. You can state that you are available for more discussions on your qualifications and accomplishments and that you are going to contact them at a designated time.

A good cover letter also shows your communication skills and your command over the language and so can keep you a step ahead of competitors. Many recruiters prefer to form an idea about the mettle of the candidate before going through his or her resume. A cover letter does exactly that job quite efficiently.