Importance of being a good colleague

It Is about WE

Some Professional Monsters

An organization is nothing more than an effective assortment of people. Each one of these employees has come from different family backgrounds. They have different perceptions of life and different sort of outlook. Sometimes, these differences become an issue in workplaces. It gives birth to group culture and hampers workplace atmospheres.

When you enter the threshold of professional life, you will come across another set of employees. They love to talk about themselves. These walking egos sometimes become big problems for the other employees. Try asking a question around these people. They are sure to answer you, even if the question was not addressed to them. You will have to brace yourself for an upgraded account of the similar experience. It is not only problematic working with these people, it sometimes becomes impossible.

Have you ever encountered boss’s pet? No? You are lucky. These people will do anything to be in good books of the boss. Even if that means making you look bad, they will not back away from the chance. It is not easy to detect these spies though. They are friendly, they are warm and they are great to talk with. How will you shield yourself from them? You cannot. Ultimately, you surrender and leave.

On Being a Good Colleague

There are many other professional monsters available in the different workplaces and one by one you will surely meet each one of them. None of the above mentioned employees can be considered good colleague. And it is essential that you be one.

When you enter into an organization, you automatically accept few responsibilities, forming a healthy working atmosphere is one of them. No one from the management will come and pronounce this responsibility to you. It should come from your soul. Creating a happy and healthy environment helps in productivity growth. It makes you happy too. Bear in mind that you will be spending a good part of your day in this place. And it should be pleasant enough for you and the others.

Some do’s and don’ts

  • You need to remember that everyone has got different way of looking at life. And you should respect this distinction. Do not try to prove your perception by getting into a verbal conflict. Learn to accept people the way they are. It will not only make your workplace healthy, it will help you grow as a human being too.

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