Importance of internships

Defining Internship

It is a professional training. If you want to have a taste of the professional life, you may enroll for the training. By doing it, you will have a deeper insight and specialized training for the profession you want to enter in the future. Internship is short term. The major focus of this kind of on-the-job training is to apply the theoretical knowledge in the real world. Usually, a supervisor administrates the interns.

Types of Internship

There are different types of internship programs, like – work experience internship, research internship and virtual internship.

  • Work experience internship is for the students who are about to finish their college education. The training program gives them the opportunity of using their knowledge and by doing so gather valuable work experience.
  • Research internship is sort of educative program. The students are asked to do some research work for the company in this kind of internship. In this case, the management provides the topics to the students and asks them to select one. The motive of conducting this program is to improve a certain area of the organization.
  • Virtual internship is slowly gaining fame. It is a brand new concept. In this case, the students are not needed to be physically present in the workplace. They work from their own preferred location. Usually the students use phone or computer to conduct this kind of internship.

Benefits of Internship Program

There are several benefits of an internship program. Due to these benefits, it is becoming popular among the youngsters.

  • The best thing about having the opportunity of working as an intern is, you will get to see the real professional world. You will learn the different advantages and disadvantages of the area of profession, you want to get into. It helps you make decision for your future career path.
  • If you perform well in the internship, the company may hire you in the long run.
  • It adds volume to your CV. If you can show that you have done an internship program, you may get preference of the employer.
  • When you work as an intern, you gain confidence as a professional. When you enter the professional field after college, this confidence helps you perform better.
  • Working as an intern will give a lesson as how to behave in the professional environment. You get to watch the body language and attitudes of the leading professionals. It helps you shape up your own behavior.
  • When you are an intern, you are given the license to make mistakes and learn from them.

The disadvantages of internship

There are some disadvantages of internship. And before getting enrolled in a program, you should know about them.

  • If you enroll into too many internship programs, your CV may look bad to the interviewers.
  • You may love doing the job and accept the internship offer instantly but it may create problems in your study if not managed and timed well.
  • Sometimes internship requires that you relocate. It may be expensive.
  • If it takes long time to complete the internship, you will be late in earning your degree too.

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