Importance of street smart executive

The street vendors and hawkers are devoid of the degrees and diploma courses in business applications and business administrations. However, they practice their business and manage to earn the desired profit. The profit earned by them is not a product of any formal education, it is the fruit of both practical knowledge and acquired skill of handling the business affairs. Dealing with customers and convincing them to buy makes the street vendors street smart executive.

The techniques employed by street smart executives

The techniques of business which are implemented by the street smart executives cannot be traced in the books of business applications and are not taught in any business schools, as the practical knowledge of handling business cannot be substituted with the theories. The day to day experiences of dealing with the customers instill in them, the capability of carrying out business. The street venders initiate and carry out their business depending on their guts, without involving the theories of business and its administration. The concepts and theories of business are replaced by the practical knowledge and acquired skills of practicing business. Trading and selling things is all about the art of making a presentation of the commodities to the customers and convincing them to invest or purchase the displayed goods, in a smart way. The street vendors employ the smart ways of attracting the customers which further leads to the growth of their business.

Qualities which make the street executive smart

A street smart executive does not know to plot a graph or analyze the business strategy or market conditions. This is due to the lack of technical knowhow but their practical knowledge about business helps them think off the track and bring out solution during the time of crisis. Their experiences enable them to withstand any change in the market. Thus the degree holders of business administration should go through the case studies and the success stories of the street smart executives in order to inculcate the strategies which are derived from the practical knowledge. The act of globalization has given a special recognition to the street smart executives for their knowledge and practical experiences which are beyond the fixed theories of business.