Impressive mission statements for your resume

Mission statement – two words but effective enough in helping the employer form a lasting opinion.

If you’ve gone through the texts that introduce business management then you must also have had the chance to go through mission statement, which is nothing but a precise explanation about the reason that the business exists,with its focus on the strategy and what it wants to achieve for the stakeholders. The mission statement also suggests the members of the organization the way in which they are supposed to conduct themselves.

This was for the organizational mission statement. When it comes to writing an impressive personal mission statement then it’s all about tweaking the set format a little bit in order to make it fit the requirements of the person. If you really want to make a lasting impression in front of your recruiters then this has to be where you need to start your winning strategy from. Ensure that your mission statement has it all – your career objective, who you want to serve, your purpose of being in this particular profession and your most important qualities or strengths.

It is with the help of your mission statement that the recruiter will be able to decide how focused you are and what is your concept about the kind of job that you want to do. Remember these points when you are framing your mission statement. Choose the right words that will validate what you want to say. Include information not just phrases – like why you are in this profession and where you want to see yourself, what kind of role you want to see yourself in. In your statement you need to involve those who are connected to you, implying your direct and indirect clients (readers, service seekers or customers). Once you have the basic frame ready, make an effort to churn out a polished mission statement which will highlight your strengths, your positivity and enthusiasm to take up the position.

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