Increases your chances of employment with Social Media

Make Social Impact – Find Jobs

How do you normally search for new jobs? Newspaper ads come very handy in this kind of search. What else? You definitely use job portals, don’t you? Have you ever tried using social media to search for jobs? No? You, should as social media is the in thing of life.

An overview of Social Media

To use social media as a tool to find jobs. You will first have to understand what social media is all about.

Social media is the most desired platform where the general people can express themselves. Social media is the voice which had been suppressed for ages. It gives you the opportunity to speak and reach out. With a click of mouse you can touch the hearts of the million. Where media denies the power to communicate, social media allows you to speak your mind out. General media broadcast the news to you. Advertisements let you know about the different products. But none of these allow you to communicate freely, like social media. This is the reason, social media is gaining popularity among the general masses.

Using Social Media to Find Jobs

The modern recruiters have changed their employee searching style. Nowadays, they search the places where they know the raw talents will be available. They simply log on to their social media account when they want to recruit people. This form of searching is known as social networking. If you are not there, you will be losing lot of lucrative opportunities.

Now that question is how you go about promoting yourself in social media? The most popular social media sites are LinkedIN, Facebook and Twitter. You will have to create accounts in these sites if you want to join the social community. These social media sites have over 500 millions of users. If you play your cards right, you will be able to reach out to people across the world.

Brief about different Social Media sites

LinkedIn is the site for the professionals. It connects you to the top most professionals across the world. If you learn to use this site properly your job will come to you. Create your LinkedIn profile with care. If necessary, ask your friends or seek help from professionals. Do not take LinkedIn casually. The site has the power to make or break your career.

Facebook is the most popular social media site. The site had been created to connect with the friends and families. But nowadays, people use for job search also. You can create a Facebook page and showcase your skill. There are Facebook job ads also. It will help you find something which suits your purpose. Moreover, these days employers are actively researching the Facebook accounts of employees to understand their working capabilities and interests.

Twitter is better known as celebrity social networking site. But, when used properly you can be noticed by the leading professionals also. This microblogging site does not allow you to write more than 140 characters. The microblogs are known as tweets. You can tweet about your resume in this site. You will have to tweet rigorously to get noticed by the employers.

These three are the most popular sites which people uses for social networking. Each one of the sites is user friendly. Therefore, you will not have to be Internet savvy to use these. Do take advantage of the huge opportunity and find that dream job.