Interview Etiquettes

All the ambitious people in this world nurture a dream to do something for their personal satisfaction. From the host of ambitious people in this world, some aim to get a decent job . For getting a decent job or the dream job, one must prepare well. The preparation for the job includes primarily the preparation for the interview. The interview is obviously the most important event on passing which a person gets the job he has applied for. But have we ever thought why a person is rejected in an interview? What is the parameter that governs the rejection of a person apart from bad quality? The answer is etiquette, which is lacking in many candidates. Interview etiquette is of paramount importance, which the interviewer judges on and which the interviewee must keep in mind.

The primary characteristics of interview etiquettes

The main characteristics of interview etiquettes include the following:

  • Good eye contact- A good eye contact between the interviewee and the interviewer always helps the interviewee to get the job.
  • Positive acknowledgements- Positive acknowledgement is very much necessary on the part of the interviewee.
  • A firm handshake- A firm handshake between the interviewee and the interviewer is of prime importance for the interviewee.
  • Organized and Gathered accessories- The interviewee needs to be very clean and organized as far as apparel and accessories are concerned.
  • Attentive body language- The body language of the interviewee is also very important, as attentive body languages impresses the interviewers and help the interviewees to get the job.

The showing of confidence

The interviewee must exude confidence in whatever he says and does during the course of an interview. But the interviewee must not show over confidence. The interviewee should express his enthusiasm but in a controlled manner.

The non-verbal communications during the interview should be perfect

During the course of the interview any negative gesture should not be. The interviewee should not be distracted and he should not check out the time during the course of the interview. The interviewee should not give any negative feelings to the interviewers during the time of the interview.

Being assertive is very important

During the course of the interview, the interviewee must be assertive in whatever he says. But the interviewee must be polite at the same time. This factor is very important, as this helps the interviewer to judge the personality of the interviewee.

To wrap up

The interviewee needs to do a follow up with the company nearly one week after the interview. The interviewee should not feel shy, but he should be firm and polite, while following up and this may actually increase his chance of getting the job.