Interview Etiquettes

A set of rules and etiquette are needed in almost every walk of life. These etiquette guide you, know your limitations and thus show you your how to go abouts. They as well do prevent you deviate from the ethics and do your work with confident and sincerity. And the biggest advantage of following them is the good impression they earns you.

While going for an interview , there are a whole set of etiquette, that you are required to follow to get yourself noted with good marks. And the same has been categorized below:

Pre-Interview Etiquette:

  1. Formal and decent attire, reflects your professional sincerity.
  2. Tidy hairs helps you get a good impression on account of your clean and tidy looks.
  3. Your shoes must be well polished.
  4. Your nails must be trimmed, clothes clean and pressed. Do take care of cleanliness.
  5. Do not wear too much of Jewelries or make-up.
  6. Reach the venue before time, so that you have some extra time to spend in formalities &/or do not get delayed due to unforeseen situations.
  7. Keep your mobile on silent or switch-it off.
  8. Be calm and composed.

Etiquette During Interview:

  1. Greet as People as are inside the Interview-room or in interview-panel.
  2. Be assertive and confident and break-the-ice to win a first impression benefit.
  3. Be effective in your communication and avoid stammering while speaking, better go slow and first frame your sentence. But do not take too long.
  4. Maintain eye-contact and while answering address to all interviewers.
  5. Smile and be friendly, while being cordial in the interview.

Post-Interview Etiquette:

  1. While leaving don’t forget to thanks all your interviewers and wish them a good-day.
  2. Send a thank-you note on mail or SMS as soon you are back from the interview.
  3. Follow-up for the results.