Invasion of employee privacy

Privacy is something that is rarely associated with the workplace. Most people are working in teams and interacting candidly, albeit in a professional manner.

There is however a limit to the extent of interaction tolerated. An individual retains the right, anywhere, to his or her private life.

Sometimes organizations and employers cross this line and begin to invade this space. These are but a few of the ways in which they do it:

  • Monitoring web activity

Although the company may allow an employee to surf the net during a coffee break to update his Facebook profile, It may also gain access to his information to use as leverage.

  • Monitoring mobile phone activity

By agreeing to foot a portion of an employee’s phone bill, employers may gain access to a very private document that, in the right hands is a treasure trove of personal details.

  • Giving employees a cell phone

A company cell phone is sometimes very aptly called an electronic leash. It is a means for the company to literally know exactly where an employee is any time of day or night.

  • Allowing an employee to work from home

With an employee using the internet to upload his or her assigned work to the company server, the employee has open access to the employee’s home computer which might contain very private stuff.

Of course, not all employers and organizations are prone to this Machiavellian attitude. It is however a very good idea to be aware of the situation and protect oneself from it. Privacy and personal space are the right of every human being and to invade that space is a gross defilement of common courtesy. The employer or organization that uses this inappropriate practice will find itself in the murky depths of legislative action sooner than later.

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