Is a Cover Letter Always Required???

The purpose of a cover letter is to set you apart from the rest of the applicants. You generally are always advised to not to forget to attach a cover letter with your resume. You are thereby given advices and tips on cover letter writing. But have you ever pondered on is it always and everywhere required.

To make you sure of your way through job application, we bring you the following major reasons to not to attach a cover letter:

  • When the application instruction specifies not to include a cover letter. Go through the instructions well and abide by them religiously.
  • You are applying online and there is no scope/ opportunity for including the cover letter. Unnecessarily attaching a cover letter while not required could be waste of time and effort for you as well as your prospective employer.
  • If there is probability that the cover letter may not be read or could reflect your unprofessionalism.
  • Follow the trend of the job market and specially the sector and profile you are applying for. Customized effort always brings you better and more guaranteed results.
  • Check for the preference of the hiring manager as certain manager don’t bother to go through your cover letter, all they are concerned about your experience, skills, etc.
  • Writing a cover letter is time consuming and skipping that you can instead land up more prepared at the interview. While preparing for a job, you need to be sure of placing your every effort in right place.
  • When you are not aware of the addressee and how to go about in writing cover letter, refrain making a wrong writing.

Your cover letter introduces your personality and candidature to the employer and invites him to your resume. Thereby you target at making a rapport with the reader by summarizing your career story to him/her. So be very sure of the results and advantage it can earn you and accordingly go about it.

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