Is Multitasking Really Beneficial?

Much has been said about the requirement of multitasking and its benefits. Consider this. While you are trying to multi-task and making your brain process a variety of “tasks” at the same time, do you know that you are actually slowing down your brain’s normal functioning? A research has actually pointed out to the fact that an average worker enjoys 11 minutes of uninterrupted work per day. Isn’t that shocking? And you thought that you were working for 8 hours a day!

So, why does multi tasking take away most of your productivity? Phones, messages, Skype, LinkedIn and other constant social networking evils threaten to take away about two and half to three hours per day.The fact is networking has become an important part of our professional life at present but what is important for us to remember is that the more we spend our time in doing these tasks the less time we have for other more important tasks.

The theory of Constant Partial Attention applies in this case. As we are constantly barged by other sources of distraction, we fail to focus on the task in hand and this hinders our productivity to a great extent. The human brain doesn’t believe in multitasking at all. It allocates separate spaces for doing these jobs and switches from one to the other. This is the reason why multitasking slows down the entire process. So if you could have been able to perform a task within an hour, with multitasking you will be able to submit the same task in at least 3 hours.

The only way to solve this issue is to save your brain from the onslaught of multitasking and allow it to function in the normal manner so that the task is finished quickly and efficiently. You could also bunch in all the similar tasks together and then complete it. The point is to be clear about the time you allocate for accomplishing various groups of tasks. This way, you will be able to do more work, on time.

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